Book Policy

Book Policy

The Ridgeville Public Library provides free access to books by patrons as a privilege. Each person checking out books agrees to abide by this policy set forth by the Board of Directors.  Any patron, or their responsible adult, checking out books will be responsible to the library for any negligent or deliberate damage of books. Patrons are responsible to notify the library if books are damaged.

To Obtain A Library Card:

  1. Person must be 12 years of age or older or have the signature of a parent/guardian
  2.  Persons must live within the tax base (Ridgeville city limits- Green Twp. & Franklin Twp.) or own property within the tax base.    
  3. Any person requesting a library card that lives outside the tax base or does not own property within the tax base is subject to an annual charge of $25.00 per person. (one exception: If a person has a Card and is in good standing at the Portland Public Library, due to an existing agreement with this Library can check out books at Ridgeville Public Library.)
  4.  Only one card can be held per patron.
  5.  A first time user can take out one (1) book. When that book is returned on time, user can take out two (2) books.  This can increase progressively up to eight (8) books as long as there are no overdue,  lost or damaged books.
  6.   Reciprocal borrowers (users holding cards at other county libraries) in good standing with their  own Home library are limited to one (1) book on first visit; two (2) books on second visit; etc.,   building  progressively as if they were a new patron,
  7.  It is the discretion of the librarian to limit service at any time due to overdue, lost or damaged   books.
  8.  Books are due back to the library within three weeks after being checked out. At three (3) weeks books must be returned to or renewed by the library.

       A PLAC card may be purchased at Ridgeville Public Library for $65.00 per year allowing the  borrower   to borrow from any library in the state

Approved and authorized by the Ridgeville Library Board.